How To Join Our Church

A 4-week New Member Orientation Class is held twice a year. 


This is a time to meet the pastor to learn more about our church as well as the United Methodist Church as a whole. 

You’ll discover other people who are considering becoming members, too.


You can become a member by transferring from another church or by professing your faith in Jesus Christ for the very first time. We’ll be happy to welcome you into our faith community!


Members are received into our church in the following ways:

By Profession of Faith-

For people who have been baptized and are making a first-time public commitment to Jesus Christ and wish to  unite fully with this congregation. If you have never been  baptized, your profession of faith will include baptism.

By Transfer from Another United Methodist Church-

 For people who are moving their church membership from another United Methodist Church.

By Transfer from Another Denomination-

 For people who are moving their church membership  from another Christian denomination.


Our Address

1564 Main St.

Readfield, ME 04355


P.O. Box 286

Kents Hill, ME 04349

Contact Us

TEL: 207-685-4211


Office Hours

Tue & Thur 8:00AM to Noon.
Office Administrator Gail Waddell

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