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Welcome, and thank you for visiting us.

The Readfield United Methodist Church, Maine welcomes you, and invites you to worship with us.

We welcome ALL regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, economic status, and physical or mental condition. Join us! 

For 180 years we have gathered to experience the love of God, to grow as disciples of Christ,

and to welcome and serve our neighbors. 



Please join us in Worship this Sunday,
January 12, 2020

Sermon: "An Age of Anxiety"
Rev. Myung Park

Scripture: Matthew 6:25a, 27; Isaiah 41:10
Dear Church Family,
I pray that you had a wonderful Christmas. I would like to thank you to those who participated in our Candlelight services. I enjoyed the beautiful candlelight, music, and the message of good news delivered through your voices. Both services together, more than 140 people attended to experience the joy of Christmas with us. Many thanks to our amazing volunteers for both services!
This year we tried a different format of worship. We intentionally planned our 7pm service to be more interactive and participatory. In order to look for our readers, we gave out mystery envelops to the congregation. We invited children to process with hand bells. The Prayer of Confession was said not only with our lips but also with our body. We tried those new changes in order to open ourselves to the spontaneous and creative work of the Holy Spirit. It took courage and trust in God and in one another.
As I watch how the participants stepped out of their comfort zone and participated in each reading, I was proud of our congregation. It was a step of courage.
It was a step of trust. And their participation made the service beautiful!
I think our journey of faith always involved those two kinds of steps, as well as the ministry of the church. Next week we are going to welcome a new year. As we enter the new year, I pray that all of you will become a new creation in Christ by leaving behind what you regret, embodying a new life style, by stepping out of your comfort zone and growing more like Jesus each and every day.
Our church will also not remain the same. Next year, we will try to something new to engage those who have not met Jesus. We will step out of our comfort zone and continue to become the example of God’s inclusive love. We will help those who joined in our community grow in their faith. We believe that God
is doing a new thing for us and in us.
This Sunday, we are going to wrap up our worship series, Names for the Messiah. The last royal title of Jesus we will explore is “Prince of Peace.” We are also going to offer an opportunity for you to reflect on your 2019 and what you want to leave behind through a special ceremony. I hope this service will help you prepare a new year with prayers and fresh heart.
I am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to serve you as your pastor.
In Christ,


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Torsey Church at Night

New Worship Series in January

In this series, we are going to explore the most common worries and fears experienced by Americans today. Through weekly messages, we will consider practical steps for overcoming these fears, and reflect upon fear in the light of scripture and a faith that promises again and again that we don’t need to live in fear. As we enter a new year, let's live with courage and hope.


Dec. 22nd


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